Ep 254: Life Skills for Connecting with Others

Brooke Romney, author of 52 Modern Manners for Today's Teenagers, takes us beyond basic etiquette to understand how manners shape important life skills and awareness in teenagers. We discover why manners matter more than ever in the digital age and post-Covid world

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Full Show Notes

Raising teenagers in today’s world is challenging, with digital distractions and societal pressures complicating traditional upbringing methods. Parents often wonder if they've covered all the bases in preparing their children for adulthood, especially when it comes to social skills and manners that go beyond the dining table.

In today's episode, we sit down with Brooke Romney, a prolific writer, speaker, educator, and connector known for her insightful pieces in The Washington Post and Deseret News. Brooke is here to share her unique approach to bridging the gap between what teenagers know and what they need to know to thrive socially and emotionally.

Bridging the Teenage Gap

Brooke noticed a divide among teens—those who mastered social skills naturally and those who struggled, often due to a lack of explicit teaching or various personal challenges. Observing this, she was inspired to create a resource that would serve as a comprehensive guide, covering everything from initiating conversations to being a considerate guest. Her work, "52 Modern Manners for Today's Teens," provides teenagers and their families with a roadmap to successful social interactions and relationship-building.

More Than Manners: Life Skills for Success

Brooke’s mission extends beyond teaching which fork to use. By defining "manners" as essential life skills, her books delve into the practical aspects of leading a fulfilled life. Topics range from the simple act of introducing oneself to more complex issues like inclusivity and empathy. Through engaging presentations and family discussions, Brooke’s books aim to not only instruct but to connect, providing a shared language for families to address common social scenarios positively.

From Observations to Actions

In an era dominated by smartphones, many teens miss out on learning from real-world interactions observed in their environments. Brooke highlights the importance of being explicit in teaching these life skills, given that observational learning has diminished. Her material serves as a reminder and a guide for teens to learn the social norms that might not be as intuitively absorbed as generations past.

The Power of Connection

One of the central themes in Brooke Romney’s work is the emphasis on relationship-building and connection. By understanding and implementing these 52 manners, teens can unlock doors to more meaningful interactions and opportunities. Brooke’s books not only offer teenagers the "cheat codes" to navigating life's social challenges but also help parents approach these topics in a non-confrontational, supportive manner.

In the Episode…

  • Discover the inspiration behind Brooke Romney’s dedication to teen development.
  • Learn about the unique approach Brooke takes to teach manners as life skills.
  • Explore various manners from introductions to celebration of others, and the impact on teen success.
  • Find out how these manners can create a foundation for strong relationships and personal growth.
  • Hear about real-life examples of families and teens who have benefitted from Brooke’s guidance.

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Andy Earle
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Brooke Romney
Brooke self-published 52 Modern Manners for Today’s Teens, a #1 Best Selling Parenting book that topped the Amazon charts at #29 out of 38 million books! She recently self-published the sequel to that well loved book, and is amazed and thrilled by the way both books are changing families.
Ep 254: Life Skills for Connecting with Others
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