Don’t let a defiant teen walk all over you. The Talking to Teens™ system puts you back in control.

It starts with understanding the unconscious psychology that causes your teen to act out. Our research shows behavior problems happen when teenagers use the wrong strategies to meet their needs.

How Does Your Teenager Think?

The perfect words for every kind of parent-teen situation

We can tell you exactly what to say to your teen based on our proprietary personality assessment! The FREE Teenage Personality Quiz will give you personalized recommendations for dealing with your teen.

Put a Stop to Defiance and Deviance

Get control of a rebellious teen with skills like Empathic Confrontation and Mediated Catharsis. Word-for-word scripts.

End Lying and Repair Broken Trust

Need to repair broken trust quickly and rebuild a more open and honest relationship? We can show you exactly what to say.

Prevent or Reduce Alcohol / Drug Use

Whether your teen is already using drugs and alcohol or not, we’ll teach you what to say for the proven best results.

Set Up Barriers for Dating and Sex

For teens who are already sexually active or for teens who haven’t started dating, we’ll help you prepare for the sex talks.

Get Control of Technology

The research is clear that parents need to set and enforce technology limits. We can show you how to do it effectively.

Motivate Your Teen for Success

It can be hard to get teens excited and engaged in life, but we have techniques for helping them find motivation to achieve.


The Talking to Teens™ System

Developed by award-winning parent-teen researcher Andy Earle, this is the first-ever comprehensive psychological approach specifically designed to help parents understand and fix all forms of teenage behavior problems. It is only available here.


The #1 Podcast for Parents of Teens

Whether you need to negotiate your teen’s curfew, tell them to lay off drugs, forbid them from seeing a friend, get them to open up about bullying, or set limits surrounding social media, we’ve got answers on the podcast.


Learn, Practice, Then Take Action

It’s easy to listen to a podcast or read a book about how to become a better parent. What’s difficult is actually making changes in your life to put new habits into practice. This workbook is made to be the missing link.


This Book Tells You Exactly What to Say

With over 200 pages of word-for-word parenting scripts, this book can be your secret weapon. Carefully pulled from our interviews with parenting experts, these scripts give you specific examples of how to approach tough talks.


Start getting the love, respect, and obedience you deserve from your teenager today.

Meet Our Team

Andy, Izzy, and Virginia all met on the same day in September, 2013 in a screenwriting class at Loyola Marymount University. Today, the same passion for storytelling that brought us together is evident in every podcast episode and course we produce! We’re lucky to add writer and researcher Brian Grant to the team this year.

Isidor Pollak

CEO, Founder

Our CEO, Izzy Pollak, is also the Chief Evangelist for Genies and Managing Partner for a $20 million investment fund.

Andy Earle

Host, Founder

Our Host, Andy Earle, is a parent-teen researcher and writer whose work has been featured on hundreds of sites.

Virginia Combs

Podcast Producer

Our Producer, Virginia Combs, is a podcaster and writer who also produces the Well Bred and Well Brewed podcast.

Brian Grant

Content Director

Our Content Director, Brian Grant, is a writer and researcher with an interest in parenting who also writes screenplays.