Ep 249: The Keys to Instilling Confidence

Selena Rezvani, author of Quick Confidence, joins us to discuss misperceptions around confidence and resilience. We learn the counterintuitive role vulnerability and authenticity have in raising confident teens.

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Full Show Notes

Raising teenagers in today’s world comes with its unique set of challenges - among them, helping our teens navigate the tightrope of self-confidence. Often, society pushes a surface-level idea of confidence, emphasizing a façade of fearlessness and bravado. However, true confidence—rooted in authenticity, vulnerability, and self-expression—offers a more meaningful and resilient foundation for our teens as they journey toward adulthood.

Today, we're thrilled to be joined by Selena Rezvani, a renowned speaker, content creator, and commentator on leadership, and the author of the insightful book, "WIC Confidence." Selena brings a fresh perspective on building genuine confidence that celebrates individuality and encourages connection.

First Impressions and Authenticity

We start with a conversation on the pressures teens face to conform in new situations and how striving for positive first impressions often leads to hiding their true selves. Selena offers practical advice on breaking the ice and forming connections without sacrificing authenticity. The discussion includes actionable tips for parents on guiding their teens through these social dynamics.

The Power of Outfits

Selena introduces us to the concept of a "power outfit" and how attire can significantly influence confidence levels. We explore how teens can identify clothing that makes them feel powerful and authentic, crafting a personal style that boosts their confidence.

Acts of Non-Compliance

In a world that often demands conformity, standing out can be daunting for teens. Selena discusses the importance of acts of non-compliance as a form of self-expression and authenticity. This segment provides parents with strategies to support their teens in embracing and showcasing their unique identities, even when it challenges societal norms.

Handling Toxic Relationships

Navigating relationships is a critical part of adolescence. Selena shares insights into recognizing and dealing with toxic people, emphasizing the importance of setting boundaries and learning to say no. We delve into practical ways parents can equip their teens with the skills to protect their energy and prioritize their well-being in all types of relationships.

Additional Topics Covered

  • The role of vulnerability in true confidence 
  • Strategies for teaching teens to stop over-apologizing 
  • Encouraging teens to view themselves as experts in their passions 
  • The underestimated power of silence in communication 
  • Fostering a mindset that embraces failure as a growth opportunity

Selena Rezvani’s expertise offers parents, teachers, and anyone involved in a teenager’s life valuable insights on fostering an environment where authentic confidence can flourish. Join us in this enlightening conversation as we dive into practical tools and mindset shifts that support our teens in becoming truly confident individuals.

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Creators and Guests

Andy Earle
Andy Earle
Host of the Talking to Teens Podcast and founder of Write It Great
Selena Rezvani
Selena Rezvani
Speaker on self-advocacy; Author of the WSJ Bestseller “Quick Confidence”; Tweeting tips on amplifying your voice & fueling confidence
Ep 249: The Keys to Instilling Confidence
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