Ned Johnson

Ned Johnson

founder & tutor-geek PrepMattershost of PrepTalksPodco-author with Dr. William Stixrud of "The Self-Driven Child" & "What Do You Say?"

Appears in 3 Episodes

Ep 154: What to Say to Motivate Your Teen

Bill Stixrud and Ned Johnson, authors of The Self-Driven Child, re-join us to talk about their latest book What Do You Say. Whether your teen is unmotivated or over-an...

Ep 134: Beat Standardized Tests with These Tips

Ned Johnson, author of Conquering the SAT and The Self-Driven Child, joins the show a second time to share his top tips for beating any standardized test--and they are...

Ep 19: Teenagers and Self-Motivation

Ned and Bill, the authors of The Self-Driven Child, discuss the difficulties of getting teens motivated about things like homework. They provide a useful framework for...

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