Rachel Rider

Rachel Rider

Rachel is a Columbia University certified executive coach with over a decade of coaching experience. She sets her practice apart by drawing from both traditional and alternative modalities, including Somatic Experiencing, Polarity Therapy, Zen Buddhism, Inner Relationship Focusing, and antiracism. Her aim is to see, hear, and feel a client’s needs with utmost clarity in order to bring about profound, lasting, and measurable results. Rachel also draws from firsthand in-house leadership experience, first as Bloomberg’s HR Business Partner responsible for developing and coaching leaders and teams, and then in charge of leadership coaching at AppNexus (since acquired by AT&T) and Digital Ocean, the third-largest hosting company in the world.

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Ep 242: What Kind of Parent Do You Want to Be?

Rachel Rider, author of Who You Are Is How You Lead, talks about getting in touch with how we want to show up for others. We discuss the power of self-regulation and s...

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