Word-for-Word Scripts for Parents with Teens

Word-for-Word Scripts for Parents with Teens

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Word-for-Word Scripts for Parents with Teens


FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. Paperback. Published November 8, 2018. Size: 4.25″ x 6.87″, 204 pages.

This book is your new parenting secret weapon. These pages will inspire you with highly effective words to say to your teenager in even the toughest situations. My team and I have spent years collecting these scripts from my interviews with world-class parenting experts on the Talking to Teens Podcast.

We’ve got scripts from bestselling authors, top therapists, one of the most-watched TED talkers ever, even the lead international hostage negotiator for the FBI. You won’t find these anywhere else.

Dating and sex issues? We’ve got scripts for that. Drugs and alcohol problems? Yep, this book has multiple examples of what you can say. Suspect an eating disorder? Bullying? Anger issues? Problems at school? It’s all in here, and much more. The very best scripts we’ve got are all compiled into this handy little guide and it’s made to fit in your purse, backpack—maybe even your back pocket. So you can bring it anywhere your busy parenting life takes you.

And the only way to get a copy of this secret script collection is here on our website.