Realistic Ways To Practice Self-Care as a Busy Parent

Realistic Ways To Practice Self-Care as a Busy Parent

Being a parent is a lot of work. Juggling many responsibilities like taking care of children, working in the office, and making sure the housework is done can take its toll. When you’re busy with everything else, it’s easy to forget about yourself.

Self-care is an important part of anyone’s life. Whether it’s a few deep breaths on a busy day, some quiet reading, or a walk in nature, it can help maintain and improve your mental and physical health and remove unnecessary stress from your life. Below are some practical techniques you can use to improve your self-care routine.

Practice Gratitude Every Day

Taking a few moments each day to reflect on the parts of your life you are grateful for can have a huge impact on your mental health. Though it may sound a little cliché, practicing daily gratitude allows you to be present and focus on your priorities. Taking a moment out of your day to look around you, appreciate the nice weather, enjoy your child’s laughter, we all have so much to be grateful for.

Just a few moments of reflecting a day can help to relieve stress, refocus your mind, and help keep anxiety levels low. When things start to get too much, some deep breaths and positive self-talk can help lift your spirits.

Spending Time in Nature

Bringing nature into your daily life has huge benefits to your mental and physical health. As well as improving your mood, reducing stress and anxiety, and building self-confidence, being active outdoors can be great for you physically.

Fresh air and exercise allows the body to rejuvenate in a natural way. There are many ways to incorporate nature into your life, including walking in the park, tending to the garden, watching the kids play sports, or even just walking the dog. Just a few hours a week can lead to a happier, calmer, and mindful you.


Meditating for just a few minutes each day is all you need to help you reset. Meditation is something millions of people do every day, but for those who don’t know how it can be a little off-putting. As well as reducing your stress levels and sharpening your focus, meditation can also help cultivate more compassion and recharge your inner battery. 

Anyone can start today with a simple one or two minute guided meditation. With countless guide videos on YouTube, meditation podcasts on Spotify, and even dedicated meditation apps, it’s easy to get started. Taking those extra few minutes a day to meditate provides well-documented relief from chronic pain and high anxiety levels, as well improving sleep and lowering blood pressure. It’s important to maintain regular meditation, five minutes per day is much more effective than a single sixty minute session at providing lasting benefits.

Prioritizing your Health

When you’re busy worrying over your child’s health, it’s all too easy to forget your own. With such a busy life and lots to juggle, that back pain or stomach problem gets pushed aside. Though it may seem obvious, over time, neglecting your own health can have long-term consequences, and even just a yearly check-up can help keep on top of any issues. Bodily aches and pains can be a sign of stress and can be easily avoided by following some simple self-care routines as we’ve discussed already. 

Some health problems can require more and it’s important that you take note of the warning signs your body is giving you. Back problems can be debilitating and getting the right care can make a world of difference. Seeing a chiropractor or even just getting a massage can help to prevent long-term damage.

Organize and Schedule for More Time

An unorganized life can be a stressful one. Constantly running around last minute for parent teacher conferences and kid’s football games, while trying to juggle business meetings and doctor’s appointments can be stressful and lead to lots of unnecessary anxiety. Scheduling the important parts of your daily life can help to remove stress and allow you to be more productive.

Once your life has become more organized, taking time for yourself becomes much easier. Knowing important parts of your day are taken care of means you can unwind a little, have some me time and it reduces some of the anxiety of daily life. If you have a partner you can plan your days together to choose a time you can spend together. Time with loved ones can greatly improve your mental health, relieve stress and help to maintain relationships.

Me Time

Arguably the most important self-care tip of them all, me time lets you put aside the stresses of the world and focus solely on yourself. Taking time out of your busy day is something that not everyone thinks they have the time for, but if you can make time, the benefits can make all the difference. Whether it’s a quick twenty minutes before picking up the kids or the afternoon taking a walk, it all helps.

Me time can be whatever works for you. If it’s listening to a favorite podcast, taking half an hour to read a few chapters of your book, or catching up on a TV series, as long as it allows you to relax and detach it works. Allowing yourself a break from a busy life can make a big improvement of your mental health, reducing levels of depression and anxiety. We all need some me time every now and then, and it’s important you have yours.


Over the last few years, yoga has become a go-to past time for many trying to manage a busy life. As well as providing physical benefits such as stretching, breathing exercises and increasing blood flow, yoga is a great way to clear your mind to remove unnecessary stress from your life.

The beauty of yoga is it can be anywhere you can lay a mat. From the comfort of your living room, in a class at the gym, or on the beach, yoga is something you can take with you wherever you go. If you’re new there are plenty of guided yoga classes online or books to follow, and for those wanting a little more community, many gyms offer weekly classes. Taking the time to stretch and breath your stress away will help you keep on top of your busy life.

Time to Take Care of You

Being a busy parent is difficult, but it can be easier. Self-care can help you release yourself from stress, remove anxiety, and help you take care of number one. It’s important to take the time for self-care before you burn out. Whether you decide to take a weekly walk in the park, do some morning meditation, or just go for a yearly check-up, it’s important to find the time and the right routine for you.