Holiday Special 2022: The Year in Review!

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To wrap up the year, we’re recapping some of our best moments from 2022. We talked about everything from vaping to body issues to mental health to career planning–and we wanted to compile the best advice for you to catch up on before the new year.

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Happy Holidays from the Talking to Teens Team!

To wrap up the year, we’re recapping some of our best moments from 2022. We talked about everything from vaping to body issues to mental health to career planning–and we wanted to compile the best advice for you to catch up on before the new year.

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Ep 206: Building Character and Self-Awareness in Teens

Sensitivity is often equated with weakness, but it can actually have a lot of benefits. Scott Barry Kaufman, author of Transcend: The New Science of Self-Actualization, talks about how sensitive folks have unique perspectives, even if they need a little extra resilience to bounce back.

In this clip, we break down different kinds of sensitivity, and how sensitive people can make the most of their unique disposition. We also discuss rumination, and how it can be a tool for overcoming trauma, but also an unhealthy habit if not properly utilized.

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Ep 208: Motivation, Dedication and the Warrior Mentality

To reach their full potential, kids need to stay motivated. In this clip,  D.J. Vanas, powerhouse speaker and author of The Warrior Within, explains that motivation isn’t automatic, but instead something kids need to create for themselves.

How can kids create motivation? DJ explains that they need to intentionally invest time into the people and environments that keep them inspired.  DJ shares more about maintaining motivation in the clip.

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Ep 221: The Forgotten Power of Friendship

Making and keeping friends isn’t easy. It’s especially hard if we’re so scared of rejection that we never try! Marisa Franco, author of Platonic, explains why we often act cold and defensive towards strangers– it’s because we’re scared they’ll be mean to us first!

In the clip, she explains how insecurity can sometimes cause a lack of authenticity in friendships, leading us to be jealous, petty or angry. To keep this from happening, Marisa walks us through the value of emotional management.

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Ep 205: Pressure, Pain and Kid’s Athletics

When kids let their entire identity be defined by one thing, they could find themselves devastated when that thing vanishes. This is especially true for young athletes, who may place their entire future on a sport only to find that they’re suddenly injured and no longer able to play. 

Linda Flanagan, author of Take Back the Game, breaks down this phenomenon further in the clip, and explains how we can raise our athletic kids to have an identity outside of sports.

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Ep 190: Teen Vaping

Vaping has become a trendy activity among today’s teens, leading to plenty of concerns from parents. Are vapes regulated? Do they have long term health effects? Can they possibly be worse than cigarettes?

In the clip, Jamie Ducharme, author of Big Vape: The Incendiary Rise of Juul discusses the lack of regulation required for e-cigarettes, and why these devices are such a pressing problem.

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Ep 183: So Your Teen Wants to Be an Artist…

Lots of teens dream of being successful artists, but thriving in the art world is no easy task. Magnus Resch, author of How to Become a Successful Artist, shares with us why networking is critical for anyone who wants to find success as an artist. In the clip, he shares several anecdotes about popular artists who leveraged their network to accomplish their career goals.

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Ep 189: Boys Hidden Body Issues

Boys have body issues too, and may engage in harmful behavior as a result. In these clips Charlotte Markey, author of Being You: The Body Image Book for Boys breaks down the dangers of the unregulated supplement industry. Nearly 40% of adolescent boys are consuming pills or powders that aren’t guaranteed to be sate, falling prey to companies who capitalize off their insecurities.

Charlotte dives into the harm these supplements can cause, and how we can help teen boys steer clear of these dangerous substances.

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Ep: 186: Empowering Our Daughters

We might have an idea about what “intelligence” means, but there are actually a few different types of intelligence. Jo Wimble-Groves, author of Rise of the Girl, explains how intelligence looks different for everyone, and why we shouldn’t force teens to conform to what we believe seems “smart”. She also discusses the importance of allowing teens to explore new things, so that they can find their passions and interests.

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Ep 175: Creating Open Communication

Sometimes parents can benefit from asking teens for feedback. Mark Goulston, author of Get Out of Your Own Way: Overcoming Self-Defeating Behavior, explains how we can establish a dialogue with teens about which aspects of our parenting are working–and which aren’t. In the clip, Mark explains how this can help us prepare teens for adulthood.

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Ep 203: The Importance of Rest for Productivity

What kind of relaxation is the most effective? Alex Pang, author of Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less, breaks down different kinds of rest and tells us why some are more effective than others. Oftentimes, the activities that make us feel the most relaxed are a little bit more effortful than we might expect. Alex shares why in the clip.

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Thanks for listening to our compilation. It’s our gift to you! Enjoy your holiday season and we’ll see you again in 2023.