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Wake Up and Get More Savvy

Wake Up and Get More Savvy

March 9, 2018 Podcast Episodes 0


An interview with author and founder of YouthExcel, Michelle Mitchell. MP3 download. 42 minutes.

Michelle Mitchell, author of Parenting Teenage Girls in the Age of a New Normal, has a wake-up call for parents on this episode. As the founder of Youth Excel, an organization specializing in life-skills training for teens, Michelle has seen all kinds of parent-teen issues first hand. She thinks it is a big problem that parents tend to be out of touch with the latest technology and culture. During our interview, she pointed to a number of specific areas where parents need to get a little more street smart…

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3 Word-for-Word Scripts
from this Episode:

1. Make sure your teenager has someone they can talk to–even if it isn’t always you

“If there was something in your life you couldn’t talk to me about, who would you talk to? I know there might be things that you’re hesitant to talk to me about, but here are some other options of people in their 20’s you could talk to. And I trust them to be discreet but also take charge if there’s a real problem.”

-Michelle Mitchell

2 Scripts HIDDEN…

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About Michelle Mitchell

Michelle is an author, award-winning speaker, and teenage expert who has presented to over 200 000 people in her career to date. After starting her career as a teacher, Michelle left teaching in 2000 to found Youth Excel, a charity that has supported thousands of young people and their families with mentoring and psychological services.

Michelle’s hands-on experience and passion for ‘all things young people’ has made her a sought-after and entertaining speaker. She has a unique ability to transfer years of knowledge to a wide range of audiences. Michelle presents to parents, primary and high schools, business and mental health professionals on topics of well-being, family and connection.

Michelle’s innovative work has been featured on the TODAY Show, Channel Ten Morning News, Today Tonight, 96fivefm, ABC radio and in countless print media including The Age, Dolly Magazine, Australian Women’s Weekly and the Courier Mail.

Michelle’s books and resources have been called an ‘encouraging and guiding light’ for parents and professionals. She has a marvelous way of speaking truth in a way that all appreciate.

She lives in Brisbane with her husband and two teenagers.

Find Michelle on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.