Parenting Podcast Reviews

Parenting Podcast Reviews

Finding the right parenting podcast is HARD and it takes hours of research to do it right. There are so many shows to choose from and they all have so many episodes. Where do you start? How do you decide which shows to follow?

Since I host a popular podcast for parents of teenagers (the Talking to Teens Podcast), and because I listen to A LOT of parenting podcasts, people often ask me for recommendations. So I thought it would be helpful to put together this article with reviews of my favorite parenting podcasts for every different age of children (baby/toddler, child, tween/teen).

These parenting podcast reviews are purely based on my own personal opinion and are, of course, influenced by my own tastes and preferences. I’m a parent-teen researcher and I’m very interested in the latest parenting science and in proven strategies that are backed up by research. I also believe that developing mindfulness and control over your emotional reactions is one of the most helpful things parents can do. Parenting from a place of anger never works. And, finally, I think parents often take ourselves too seriously. So the ability to laugh at ourselves and find the humor in everyday parenting situations is the final aspect that I look for in a good parenting podcast.

Babies and Toddlers (ages 0-3)

The first set of parenting podcast reviews is for the youngest ones. These shows are all specifically related to babies and toddlers. Some, like Totally Mommy and the Respectful Parenting podcast, are hilarious. Others, like Precious Little Sleep, and Your Parenting Mojo, are based in scientific research. And some, like Parent Savers, are jammed full of practical advice. These are my top five favorites.

1. Your Parenting Mojo Podcast

Cover art for Your Parenting Mojo parenting podcast.

This parenting podcast gets my top vote. I’m a researcher and Jen’s careful academic approach on this Your Parenting Mojo really appeals to me. Every episode is meticulously well-researched and she always presents the science in an engaging and understandable way. The topics she covers are usually most relevant for toddlers and early preschoolers, but all parents can find something worthwhile in any episode. Jen often interviews prominent developmental psychologists on the show about child brain development and the conversations are always very interesting.

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2. Totally Mommy Podcast

Cover art for Totally Mommy parenting podcast.

This parenting podcast will have you laughing out loud multiple times per episode. Elizabeth, the host, is hilarious and she has great co-hosts with her on various episodes. I think one of the most important things for parents is learning that you are not alone. It really helps to hear about other parents struggling with the same things as you. The stories on this parenting podcast provide that in a great way and they make it OK to laugh at yourself a little, which I love. I especially like the early episodes of this parenting podcast and I think they are timeless.

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3. Precious Little Sleep Parenting Podcast

Cover art for Precious Little Sleep parenting podcast.

I’m so excited that Alexis Dubief is producing new episodes of Precious Little Sleep again. It’s a fascinating parenting podcast and it’s always based in recent sleep science research. This isn’t just stuff Alexis made up. She’s got a no B.S. attitude and is a very fun host. You’ll learn everything you ever need to know about your own sleep and your baby’s sleep during the first couple years on this parenting podcast. Alexis has great tips.

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4. Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled

Cover art for Respectful Parenting podcast.

On this often hilarious parenting podcast, bestselling parenting author Janet Lansbury answers questions sent in by actual parents involving babies and toddlers. Janet has a unique parenting philosophy that involves being very patient and mindful. Listening to this parenting podcast is often a deep meditation on your own parenting and an invitation to become even more present. If you have a kid under 5 years old around the house, check out Respectful Parenting.

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5. Parent Savers Podcast

Cover art for Parent Savers parenting podcast.

This parenting podcast has a great format where they bring experts and real parents on at the same time. It helps them to always be covering fresh problems and getting realistic and practical answers. Each episode features some true stories that are always relatable and experts who are very trustworthy. You always come away from this parenting podcast with a few parenting “golden nuggets”. The one drawback is there is a decent amount of advertising during the podcast and it can be distracting.

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Children (ages 4-10)

The next five parenting podcast reviews are for parents with kids around ages 4-10. These ages are magical but they can also be really difficult for many parents. And there are lots of practical issues like car seats, sports, and play dates. These podcasts will help! Some of the parenting podcasts on this list are very funny, like RAD Parenting and Hey Dad. Others are “deep” and “profound” like Zen Parenting Radio and Hey Dad. The Wonder of Parenting and RAD Parenting are based in science. And The Mom Hour and Zen Parenting Radio are encouraging and inspirational.

1. Zen Parenting Radio Podcast

Cover art for Zen Parenting Radio parenting podcast.

This parenting podcast has more 5-star reviews than any other parenting podcast I’ve seen. The show has been rated over 480 times on iTunes and still has a perfect score of 5.0 stars. Todd and Cathy are superb hosts and they bring great guests on the show all the time. The topics covered on this show are things like kindness, compassion, and being human. It’s not just about becoming a better parent, but a better person. Todd often brings in funny video clips to play and they keep the tone light but you always walk away from this parenting podcast feeling like you learned an important truth.

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2. RAD Parenting Podcast

Cover art for RAD Parenting podcast.

The energy between these co-hosts is what makes this parenting podcast so much fun to listen to. Joe is a comedian and record label executive so he has a laid-back style that feels fresh and current. Anea is a parenting expert and she is full of great wisdom and advice for every possible parenting situation. They balance each other out perfectly and manage to keep every episode light and funny but still packed with usable insights. Anea usually brings in a different topic each week and then Joe throws in some stories from his own childhood that tie into the same theme.

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3. The Wonder of Parenting Podcast

Cover art for The Wonder of Parenting podcast.

This parenting podcast is on the list because the host, Michael Gurian, is always discussing interesting brain science on the show. He covers some really thought-provoking research that explains some of the differences in how boys and girls develop, which always fascinates me. Mike and the co-host, Tim, are a fun pair with great chemistry. The show format involves set topics each week that are discussed by the hosts from a brain science perspective. The overall goal of this parenting podcast is usually to look at the influence of nature, nurture, and culture.

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4. HeyDad Podcast

Cover art for HeyDad parenting podcast.

This parenting podcast is really funny in a very heartfelt and honest way. These guys will have you laughing out loud but also nodding your head at the same time. The hosts are dads but the podcast is really something all parents can listen to or that couples can listen to together. They always find a way to make what they are talking about relevant to you. On this parenting podcast they often challenge common dad stereotypes and dad portrayals in the media. They affirm the joys and challenges of parenthood in a very real way. I highly recommend at least checking out a few episodes.

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5. The Mom Hour

Cover art for The Mom Hour parenting podcast.

This parenting podcast addresses mom-centered issues but the lessons the hosts take from these issues are relatable to all parents. Meagan and Sarah choose really practical topics so you can learn specific and applicable ideas to apply to your own parenting immediately. They are also really positive and encouraging and they help you relax about everything and stop worrying. In a strange way, listening to this parenting podcast makes you feel connected to the mom community. The advice is common-sense, it isn’t based on science or expert recommended best practices, but it is always insightful and helpful.

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Teens and Tweens (ages 11+)

Here are my parenting podcast recommendations for parents with kids over the age of 10…the dreaded tween and teen years. I’m a parent-teen researcher and writer so this age group is really my strongest area of expertise. Interestingly, there aren’t nearly as many parenting podcasts devoted to parents of teenagers as there are for parents of kids and babies. I like Your Own Devices because it’s extremely eye-opening, Your Teen and Power Your Parenting because they are super practical, and the Mighty Parenting podcast because it deals with the larger issues in the world of raising teens today. My top recommendation, though, is a shameless plug for my own podcast, Talking to Teens.

1. The Talking to Teens Podcast

Cover art for Talking to Teens parenting podcast.

Take this for what it’s worth, but I believe our podcast, Talking to Teens, is the best thing out there for parents of teenagers. Every episode is meticulously researched, the guests are always bestselling authors and top parenting experts, and the advice is always practical and usable. I host the podcast and I’m a parent-teen researcher, so I come at every guest from a science perspective and look to uncover proven techniques that work on teenagers. Each episode covers exactly what parents should say to teenagers about a different issue and they include word-for-word examples of scripts you can use.

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2. Your Teen Podcast

Cover art for Your Teen parenting podcast.

This is a great parenting podcast from the founders of Your Teen magazine. Sue and Steph are total experts on everything teen who have focused their careers around creating content for and about teenagers. The topics they cover on this parenting podcast are always relevant and important and they have a great talent for getting you to think about the issues in a different way. The witty banter between the hosts makes this podcast fun to listen to and the episodes go by very quickly. You also get to hear from expert guests who are always well-spoken and very helpful.

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3. Power Your Parenting Podcast

Cover art for Power Your Parenting podcast.

This is an especially great parenting podcast for moms who are dealing with a teenage daughter. Colleen is the author of the book Dial Down the Drama: Reducing Conflict and Reconnecting with Your Teenage Daughter. One of the themes of this show is how to remain objective as a parent and not get sucked into the drama with your teenager. Colleen provides excellent tools and exercises that are really easy to apply to your own family. She helps parents gain understanding so you can come at your daughter from a place of compassion and acceptance instead of being critical. She pushes parents to stop being reactive and start being more proactive. An excellent message.

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4. Their Own Devices Podcast

Cover art for Their Own Devices parenting podcast.

This parenting podcast is hosted by Marc Groman and David Reitman and it focuses on the technology and digital safety issues faced by teens and parents today. These guys are the perfect co-hosts. Marc was the tech and privacy adviser to the Obama White House and David is a doctor who specializes in adolescence. Also, these two men are married to each other and are raising a teenager of their own. They have excellent chemistry and the issues they bring up on this parenting podcast are always relevant and important. I particularly like the fact that they often have teenagers on the show to talk about how they are using technology.

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5. Mighty Parenting Podcast

Cover art for Mighty Parenting podcast.

This parenting podcast has been getting better and better recently. The hosts, Sandy and Judy, are warm, open, and credible and they always keep things fun and positive. The guests can be a little hit-and-miss but lately they have all been really good, which is why I’ve included it on my list of top parenting podcasts. The episodes cover all the main teenage issues like social media and dating as well as larger societal issues like human trafficking, the opioid epidemic, and financial literacy. I like that they don’t take themselves too seriously and they don’t buy into the negativity that so often surrounds teenagers today.

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5. Ujana Podcast


Ujana is a parenting podcast on the rise that features not just adult experts, but teenagers themselves! Carol Oakley is a delightful, fearless host who invites teens and adults from all over the world to open up about their journeys. Hearing teens weigh in on a parenting podcast is a breath of fresh air, just like the show’s interesting, but lesser known namesake. Ujana is the Swahili word for youth and adolescence, which is a perfect fit for a podcast centered around themes of natural transformation. Teens and parents who want to explore stories about transformation and self-discovery need to tune in to Carol’s show!

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A Small Disclaimer

I am not affiliated with any of these podcasts (except for Talking to Teens). I have not received any money to promote these people. I just love parenting podcasts and wanted to share my favorites. That being said, please don’t hold me responsible for anything you hear on these podcasts. Verify everything you hear and don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right to you. Parental intuition is more important than any advice from a parenting podcast!