Introducing Your Teen To The World Of Work

Introducing Your Teen To The World Of Work

When your child begins to reach their late teens, the need to seek out employment creeps ever closer. Unfortunately you can’t put off the world of work, as everyone needs an income to survive. Therefore, it’s vital that you can teach your teen a few lessons to make sure they can generate money in a safe and productive manner.

Luckily it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might expect. Introducing your teen to the world of work involves a few steps that ease teens in and help them develop motivation and commitment. If you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the best tips and tricks to make the most of today!

Find Something They’ll Enjoy

When you love what you do, it feels as though you never have to work a day in your life. Time flies when you’re having fun! So, finding something that you know your teen will enjoy can excite them, helping to develop a positive relationship with work and benefit their future.

This may seem a little tricky and you’ll have to work together to find an ideal match, but there’s guaranteed to be an enjoyable, rewarding role with a vast range of employment options. For example, if your son has his driving license already and loves to drive around your local neighborhood, why not visit a driving career page and get him fitted with the finest route optimization software to make his hobby into a job. If your daughter has a passion for all things puppy-related, why not make a few fliers that they can post around to advertise a dog walking service?

Take Early Steps Towards a Future Career

It’s natural for parents to aspire to help their children find new, exciting, and inspiring activities that help them grow emotionally and intellectually. But what if you could take it a small step further, and methodically examine future career possibilities that would make your kids feel happy, motivated, and fulfilled? 

It could be useful to consider everything from free-time activities to defining personality traits to earn a broader perspective of future career possibilities. Deciding a profession that not only lasts for a lifetime, but also becomes a joy of your teenager, is challenging––but not impossible! You simply need to find an option that fits your kid like a glove.

Why not ask your teen to make a list of all the possibilities? Sculptor, engineer, vet, and singer all at once? Awesome! Write down every single idea, even the ones that sound crazy (maybe especially those). Let the list sink in, give it some time, and let the flow of creative thinking begin! Let your teen be honest with you, keep an open mind, and be cautious of every little detail they share with you. Considering how important this decision is, don’t hesitate to seek professional help and try out a career coach!

Start With A Saturday Job

Throwing your teen in the deep end and hoping they seek out immediate full-time work is most definitely going to encourage a negative relationship between your teen and employment. To avoid this, you might ask them to start small with a Saturday job.

Starting off with a simple part-time Saturday job is the perfect alternative, as it’s merely one day per week. While not too overwhelming, they’ll still gain “real-life” experience as well as a little profit. Many retail stores and restaurants are happy to accept applicants that are aged 16 or over.

Be sure to scope out the location before you motivate your son or daughter to apply for a job, as you don’t want them to have a negative experience that discourages them from wanting to work in the future. Try to source an easy-going, laid back environment that isn’t too focused on meeting targets. This approach can help teens slowly but surely get the hang of talking to the general public, utilizing registers, and more without any added pressure.

How About a Flexible Job?

What is an ideal summer job like for your child? Well, ask any teenager, I’m pretty sure the number one answer will be flexibility! After all, they are kids, so let them be kids and enjoy the benefit of not needing to work forty hours per week. 

If your teenager thinks this way and wants to make some pocket money in the summer, delivering part-time could be the ideal choice. If you don’t feel comfortable letting your child transport strangers in their cars, there is no need to worry as there are plenty of companies offering driving gigs for food, groceries, or packages with minimal personal contact.

Most of the time these positions require no training, and more importantly, allows teens to be their own boss as they can craft a schedule as they become comfortable with their first work experience. Juggling between work experience and the flexibility to enjoy a summer break from school can be difficult, but part-time delivery allows teens to get enough from both worlds. The range of online delivery services is wider than ever, so there are plenty of opportunities to explore!

Tutoring the Youngsters!

Is your kid a wiz at writing or a savant with everything numbers? Maybe she’s barely spotted outside her room because she’s devouring science books one after another, or he’s a natural born talent at languages. If your teen has a flair for the academic, it could be a good idea to encourage them to pick up tutoring younger students during the summertime! 

Most tutoring is possible both part-time and full-time, while flexibility is guaranteed by the ability to create schedules and set lesson times on an individual basis. Depending on the knowledge of your teenager, the demand could be incredibly high. Not to mention, they’ll gain experience and self-growth by helping others. Since 2020, many schools and tutors have been moved to the online space, which only makes work as a part-time educator more flexible for teens.

The best way to find new clients is through a tutoring company within your local area, but online and social media advertisements can also prove effective as they target local elementary and high schools.