Helping Your Teen to Decide on a Career Path

Helping Your Teen to Decide on a Career Path

Knowing what you want to do as a career can be difficult as a teenager. But this is the time when your teen needs to start considering these types of decisions. After all, they will be taking options, whittling down the courses that they take and they need to make sure that they make the right choices to go in the right direction! Of course, there’s always scope to change paths down the line. But getting things right the first time around can make things a little easier and more straightforward for them. Here are a few different things you can do to help your teen along the way!

Consider Specific Courses

Some teens know exactly what they’d like to do. In this case, you can start looking into the specific courses that will cater to their needs and get them started out on the right track. For example, if they know that they’d like to work in public health, they may want to look into generalised medical degrees with an MA in public health at the end, or they may like to head straight into a public health degree. You can learn more about this degree by researching and weighing up your teen’s options. Then, you can eventually help them to come to the right conclusion that ticks most of their boxes.

Generalized Courses and Degrees

If your teen has absolutely no idea what they’d like to do for a career, then why not consider more generalised courses and degrees? While some degrees are extremely specific and niche, leading to a very distinct and outlined role, there are many degrees that cover a wide field of skills and that can be applicable to a wide variety of future roles. For example, a degree in microbiology has a pretty set group of careers at the end, while a degree in English Literature could lead to roles in copywriting, teaching, journalism, publishing and more.

Apprenticeships or Training Programs

If your teen is looking at a more hands-on approach, they may be better suited to apprenticeships or other forms of on-the-job training schemes. These will see your teen placed in a position where they can pick up a new skill while also starting work from quite an early age! While apprenticeships are more traditionally associated with roles like plumbers, electricians and blacksmiths, there are a wide variety of apprenticeships out there, such as apprenticeships in digital management! There are also programs that allow you to become a chiropractor, personal trainer or masseuse, among so many other things.

Emphasize No Decision is Permanent

Of course, choosing courses can feel like a lot of pressure to a teenager. They may worry that once they’ve chosen a path, they’re tied in for life. This, of course, isn’t the case. While it would be ideal to choose the right course or path the first time around, there’s always the opportunity to turn back and follow something else. It’s important to ensure that your teen is aware of this, as it will release pressure from decision making and reduce stress levels!

Hopefully, some of the above advice will help you to help your teen get started out on the right track. Perhaps most importantly, make sure they’re following a path that they want to follow rather than the one you might want them to. It’s their life and should revolve around their preferences and choices!