Ep. 83: The Future of Jobs

Ep. 83: The Future of Jobs

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Episode Summary

Terry Iverson, founder of the non-profit Champion Now and author of Finding America’s Greatest Champion, talks about the future of the job market–where are the gaps now and what might young people do to best prepare themselves for the world of work? Find out in this week’s episode!

Full Show Notes

More and more seems to be changing every day, and there’s no telling what long-term impact COVID-19 will have on the world our teenagers are going to inherit. All parents want their teenagers to be happy and successful in their personal and professional lives, but now more than ever, there’s a lot at stake. With an uncertain job market, a surplus of college-educated job seekers, and rising student debt, it isn’t clear for many parents what path their teen should go down.

Luckily, there are certain skills, attitudes, and practices parents can instill in their teenagers to help them be successful no matter what. And, better yet, there are tons of opportunities for a lucrative career and fulfilling life even without an expensive degree! In fact, certain job markets—manufacturing, for instance—are not only in high demand, but incredibly lucrative! The average manufacturing working earns over $80,000 a year, including benefits, and doesn’t necessarily require an expensive four-year degree.

For more on how today’s teens can enter adult life ready for success, I spoke with Terry Iverson, author of Finding America’s Greatest Champion: Building Prosperity Through Manufacturing, Mentoring and the Awesome Responsibility of Parenting. Terry himself has worked in manufacturing for decades and knows exactly what the industry has to offer to young adults. Moreover, Terry knows from his personal experience as a dad, coach, and public speaker how to help teenagers find and pursue careers that matter to them.

Terry grew in a single-parent household in Florida, and in high school he found himself working a late-night job, playing competitive sports, and taking AP courses all at the same time. He learned the values of hard work and accountability firsthand from an early age, and he encourages today’s parents to instill the same wisdom into their teenagers. He also maintains the importance of supporting teenagers by helping them find vocations that make them happy. More than anything, Terry knows that to be truly invested in something, you have to enjoy it first!

This might mean your teenager has something different in mind than what you want for them. Even though you might be set on sending your teen to an Ivy League college, what’s the point if they’re going to burn out and not use their degree? Rather than set these kind of predetermined expectations, Terry thinks a parent’s most important job is to help their teen research and experience a diverse array of trades to help them decide what they do—or don’t!—enjoy. Not only will this set them up for a successful career, but a gratifying and meaningful personal life.

On top of this, Terry offers great opinions on several different topics, including:

  • What teens can do to research their futures
  • The importance of internships and early jobs
  • The reality of four year colleges
  • How to instill work ethic in teens
  • Single parent households

Terry’s passion, well-researched statistics, and personal anecdotes provide an incredibly optimistic outlook during today’s wavering circumstances. If you’re feeling nervous about sending your teen into such an uncertain world, you need to hear what Terry has to say!

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About Terry Iverson

Terry has been working with and mentoring young people all of his adult life. Over 15 years ago, Terry transitioned from coaching travel soccer to becoming ingrained into the technical education fabric of the Midwest and around the country. He founded the non-profit CHAMPION Now to help spread the word about the myriad (not to mention well-paying) careers in manufacturing. Terry travels the country speaking to schools, companies, and state and federal governments about the need for greater numbers of well-educated workers in the manufacturing industry.

Terry is happily married and a proud father of two grown children.

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