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Work-Life Balance for Dads

Work-Life Balance for Dads

April 8, 2018 Podcast Episodes 0


An interview with Matt Schneider, host of the Modern Dads Podcast. MP3 download. 36 minutes.

In 2008, NY schoolteacher and father Matt Schneider and his friend Lance set out to bring a balance to the “Mommy-and-Me” yoga classes, “Mom” shopping programs, and “Mothering” news segments that seemed to be dominating the parenting media. Together, they founded City Dads Group, a national network of meet-up groups for dads.

Since then, Matt has become a popular voice on parenting and, specifically, fatherhood, with his views quoted in such places as The New York Times, USA Today, and Bloomberg Businessweek. He hosts the popular podcast, the Modern Dads Podcast.

This week on the Talking to Teens Podcast, Matt reveals lessons he’s learned about how to be a more effective father and husband. Much of this advice centers around finding work-life balance and creating a positive parenting partnership.

The 20-minute public version is free to listen to, and the 36-minute extended version, packed with extra goodies, is reserved for site members. Log in or sign up to access everything our site has to offer!

Matt Schneider

A leading dadvocate who has been quoted in places like The New York Times, USA Today, and Bloomberg Businessweek, Matt Schneider is the co-founder of City Dads Group, an influential organization that facilitates groups of dads to hold meet-ups all across the country.

Matt is also the host of the Modern Dads Podcast, an award-winning show that features interviews with important voices in the modern parenting conversation.

You can find Matt on Twitter and on LinkedIn.