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Talking to Teens Master Class


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Research Notes

Peer-reviewed journal articles about the 60-minute program for parents that Andy and his colleagues developed can be found here and here.

The information discussed by Ashley Merryman can be found in her book, NurtureShock.

Lesson Recap

Social Norms Theory: the study of how our behavior is influenced by what we think others are doing and thinking.

  • The strongest influence on teen’s drinking behavior is how much they think other teens are drinking and what attitudes they think other teens have about alcohol.
  • Parents are influenced by their normative beliefs as well.
  • Norms influence parents to be less approving and to communicate less about risky behaviors than they would naturally.

Parents need to be clear in their role. This means you can’t try to be your teen’s best friend. You can be friendly but don’t forget your role as a parent.

The┬ámain difference between the roles is that a parent’s job is to instill the proper values. But teens often don’t know what their parents’ values even are. So parents need to focus on communicating their values more clearly.

When it comes to risk-taking behaviors like drinking, drugs, and sex, studies show that teens fare best when parents adopt a no tolerance attitude.

One reason teens are often unclear about their parents’ values is that parents tend to have too many rules. Try simplifying down to 3-5 rules that are phrased in terms of deeper values.

The three steps we covered for maximizing your influence as a parent were:

  1. Be a parent, not a friend
  2. Communicate your values clearly
  3. Don’t have too many rules

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