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Confronting a Teenager


Takeaways for Teenagers

Video Transcript

Similarly, when an issue emerges with your teen, it’s best to address it right away. Hopefully, your teen isn’t pooping on the floor, but there are certainly going to be times when you notice your teen doing things that are not okay with you.

Maybe you find some drugs in his room. Or see her posting something unacceptable on social media. Or find out he’s been skipping class. Or picking on other kids at school.

When something like this happens, it is best to address the issue immediately. Your goal should be to communicate to your teen that the behavior you noticed was not okay and that they need to change this behavior in the future.

The most effective way to do this is to institute a new policy with your teen. But how do you know what your new policy should be? And what, exactly do you need to say in order to get your teenager to accept the new policy without argument?

Stay tuned. The answers are coming up next in Lesson 2.

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Andy Earle