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Confronting a Teenager


Video Transcript

Welcome to my 10-Day Email Series on how to use our scripts for talking to teenagers about tough topics!

What kinds of “tough topics” do I mean here, exactly?

Among the thousands of parents and teenagers I’ve worked with in my research, there are certain key trends that emerge over and over again:

  • rebelliousness
  • lying
  • drug/alcohol use
  • sex/relationships
  • attitude problems

Our lab at Loyola Marymount University has conducted studies on every aspect of parent-teen communication.

We’ve spent years analyzing how parents can connect with teens, increase their influence, and make a positive impact.

We took a scientific approach to identifying tools that work. Together, we’ve published nearly 200 peer-reviewed papers on teenage behavior and parent influence.

We’ve found that parent-teen communication is difficult because it requires a new set of skills. It isn’t that these new skills are hard or complicated—they’re just different.

But many parents think they can keep using the same strategies that worked in childhood.

The Talking to Teens approach is not about earlier curfews, more drug and alcohol lectures, and less freedom on social media; it’s about changing the way you communicate.

Over the next ten days, you’ll learn a simple, science-based system for getting through to teenagers about important issues.

But before we get into the sciency stuff, we need to talk about dog poop…