Ep 18: Christian Parenting Skills

Ep 18: Christian Parenting Skills

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Episode Summary

Hannah Seymour, author of The College Girls Survival Guide, reveals what she has learned from years of running a Christian advice blog for teenage girls. She explains how to share stories with teens about your own mistakes and how to encourage them to make the right kinds of friends.

Full Show Notes

Biblical parenting can be especially hard for parents to maintain during the teenage years, especially has over half of teens report leaving the church after high school. Thankfully, when it comes to Christian parenting podcast guest Hanna Seymour is a true authority. She’s been mentoring teenage girls all over the world through her Christian advice blog, Dear Hanna, for years.

The Perfect Christian Parenting Podcast Guest

Hanna’s book, The College Girl’s Survival Guide, is a collection of her responses to the top 52 questions teenage girls typically ask her relating to college. During our talk, I wanted to know what larger insights can be drawn from the book; what can we learn about biblical parenting?

This Christian parenting podcast episode specifically dives into some biblical parenting techniques for dealing with your teenagers’ friends. Hanna talks about how parents can make sure teens have good friends by staying involved in their social relationships.

Biblical Parenting and Important Values

One strategy is to help teenagers to see that they aren’t alone in their problems. This will ultimately build empathy and lead teens to more deeply understand the value of living to be a person for others.

Hanna says that, when she was in college, her mother told her stories about some big mistakes she made in her teens. And Hanna really wishes her mom would have shared these stories earlier.

But how do you know what is OK to share with your teen and what needs to stay secret? What is the best way to share something so that your teen won’t think you are condoning immoral or illegal behavior?

Listen to this Christian parenting podcast for answers from Hanna.

About Hanna Seymour

In 2012, Hanna was mentoring a small group of high school senior gals who went off to college and she spent a lot of time answering their questions by email. So she decided to start a blog called “Dear Hanna” where she responded to their questions in an anonymous way.

Soon, Hanna was receiving emails and questions from girls she’d never met at colleges she’d never even heard of! With a master’s degree in Higher Education & Student Affairs and a decade of working at several different colleges, she felt she had a lot of experience and insight to share with these girls and enjoyed writing to them.

She recently published a book inspired by the blog, The College Girl’s Survival Guide, which features faith-based answers to 52 of the most common questions teenage girls have about college.