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Should Parents Limit Teenagers’ Use of Social Media?

The present generation is growing up in a digital world. Different forms of media, from TV shows to blogs, inundate your teen. The convenience...

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Overview of Technology, Mindfulness & Health for Teens in Schools 2022

As we move through 2022, we’re looking ahead to the coming year for schools and students. Change is constant as...

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How To Be A Teenage Web Design Wizard

New technology has introduced more people to the reality of becoming entrepreneurs. This is also true for young adults and teens. Web design is...

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Four Hearty Ways to Build Trust with Your Teenager

As a parent, you know how important it is to build trust with your teens. A good parent/teen relationship is...

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Top 10 Safety Tips for Parents of New Teen Drivers!

One of the scariest moments of being a parent comes when your child gets behind the wheel of a car...

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How to Know if Your Teen Is at Risk for Addiction

Is your teen taking one of three major pathways that longitudinal studies found make them at an increased risk for...

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Confronting Your Teen’s Addiction

Sometimes teenagers veer off the path of what is acceptable in our society. They begin doing things that make you...

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How to Stay Involved in Your Teen’s Life

Having a teen is requires another level of parenting that may never have been necessary before. Contrary to most opinions,...

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