About Andy Earle

Who Is Andy Earle?

A researcher and writer, Andy’s work focuses on adolescent risk behaviors and parent-teen communication. He is the host of the Talking to Teens Podcast, he writes the Talking to Teens blog, and he coaches parents on how to discuss sensitive issues with their teenage children. He is currently traveling the world and living in a different country each month.

What Does Andy Earle Do?

He's involved with quite a few things. Here's a brief overview.

Academic Work

As a member of Joe LaBrie’s HeadsUp Lab at Loyola Marymount University, Andy published over a dozen peer-reviewed academic papers and co-authored over $3 million in research grants. Andy’s work with HeadsUp focused on using technology to influence teenagers’ risky drug and alcohol use by presenting information in a way that can reduce their defensiveness. He has been awarded the “Study of the Year” award from the American Psychological Association and his studies have received dozens of citations.

Hosting the Podcast

On the Talking to Teens Podcast, Andy interviews bestselling authors and parenting experts about how to apply their best tactics with teenagers. The show launched in the fall of 2017 and now has thousands of listeners. The producers have the unique approach of mailing a microphone package to every guest before the interview to ensure high quality sound. Andy has published a book of parenting scripts quoted from the podcast and a workbook of parenting exercises designed to accompany the podcast interviews.

Parent Coaching

Andy also works as a parent coach, advising parents of teenagers on how to handle difficult parent-teen situations. Based on his research, his interviews for the podcast, and his experiences coaching parents, Andy has developed a unique philosophy of teenage communication and he’s created a framework for teaching his methods to any parent. Parents from all over the world hire Andy both to help with emergencies and also for regular ongoing coaching on how to communicate more effectively with teenagers.

Ghostwriting Books

When he isn’t working on Talking to Teens, Andy is ghostwriting books. He has written over 20 books for various high profile clients and runs a small team of writers at writeitgreat.com. His writing style blends engaging long-form stories with research and scientific accuracy. One recent example is Flip the Script, which Andy wrote with bestselling author Oren Klaff for Penguin Random House. Andy is credited on the title page as the ghostwriter. For more on Andy’s writing and for information about how to hire him, click below.