5 Sci-fi Books Great for Teens

5 Sci-fi Books Great for Teens

Finding books that a teenager wants to read is an almost impossible task for many parents. However, the one genre that teens seem to click and connect with more than anything in the market is the sci-fi genre. Sci-fi books teach teens innovation and resilience- that even when the challenges seem endless, there is always a way to beat these challenges and come out on top.

Sci-fi books remind tends that even at life’s most unfair and bewildering moment, there is a lot to live for. Such books promote positive thinking and foster growth from the experiences in the books. They say that people that read get to live a thousand lives and this could not be truer for teens and individuals who read sci-fi works extensively.

Sci-books can fill teens with wonderful perspectives that they would otherwise never have uncovered before. With the wealth of amazing young adult science fiction books that are out there, young readers are spoilt for choice these days.

But we admit that because there is so much variety out there, it can be a bit hard to pick the right books for your young teen. That’s why we’ve worked hard to compile a comprehensive list of great books that your young teen can sink their teeth into. So if you are in the market for sci-fi books that will truly make your child happy to read, here are 5 sci-fi books for teens:

5 Sci-fi Books Great for Teens

1. His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass

By Philip Pullman

The first book on our list of sci-fi books great for teens is Dark Materials: The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman.

When Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy was published back in 1995, it ignited a global debate as the triptych captivated the imaginations of many young and adult readers alike. In the Golden Compass, teens will join Lyra on her many adventures as she attempts to save the world from the ill fate that’s awaiting it.

Lyra’s journeys are filled with magic and adventure; everything that makes a sci-fi novel a bestseller. She encounters clans and bears in the far North, Gobblers that steal and hide children (including Lyra’s friend Roger) in the North, and a mother that’s trying to claim power and control the world. Can one little girl stop terrible things from happening in her world?

2. Robot Series

By Isaac Asimov

Robot Series, by Isaac Asimov, is the second book on our list of sci-fi books great for teens.

Artificial intelligence used to be the stuff of mad writers and dreamers. However, we have come a long way within the past century. Today, AI has inched itself into our day to day life and has become commonplace. Thanks to continuous technological growth, advances in artificial intelligence are made every day, so it makes sense that so many young teens and adults are so invested in AI as a technology and a genre of sci-fi novels.

So if your teen has been showing a lot of interest in AI lately, there is no better way to usher them into this fascinating world than with Isaac Asimov’s Robot Series. During the Golden Age of sci-fi, Asimov and his works were probably some of the most widely read AI publications. In his books, Asimov covered everything from metaphysical free-love Martians to spaceship robots undergoing mental breakdowns. Almost every common robotics storyline found in today’s many AI and science fiction novels have Asimov to thank. As such, the complete robot series, which consists of Asimov’s short fiction and novellas will be a great way of ushering the teen in your life into the genre.  However, if you would like to check out more AI-based novels for teens, check here.

3. Blood Heir

By Amélie Wen Zhao

Third on our list of sci-fi books great for teens is "Blood Heir" by By Amélie Wen Zhao.

As far as teen fantasy and young adult novels go, Blood Heir stands as one of the most highly rated books. Blood Heir highlights the story of Anastacya, a girl that’s spent the majority of her life hiding her magical powers behind the palace walls. However, things take a turn when she is suddenly accused of murdering her dad, the emperor, which forces her to flee the palace to save her life.

Desperate to clear her name and find her father’s killer, she enlists the assistance of Cyrilia’s notorious crime lord. Together, they work tirelessly to uncover the crime, corruption, and the conspiracies running wild all through the city. This action-packed novel will be sure to exhilarate any young reader.

4. The Enchantress

By Michael Scott

Fourth on our list of sci-fi books great for teens is The Enchantress by Michael Scott.

Not a lot of people know this about Nicholas Flamel, but he has been alive for hundreds of years, thanks to the elixir of eternal life that he formulated himself. However, a doctor who now threatens to destroy the world has access to the recipe book. But nothing will stop twins Sophie and Josh from figuring out how to stop him.

The Enchantress is full of adventure and mystery. This modern classic will leave your teen engrossed for days on end. That’s why it comes highly recommended for lovers of magic and fictional worlds.

5. Eragon

By Christopher Paolini

The last book on our list of sci-fi books great for teens is Eragon, by Christopher Paolini.

When Eragon stumbles upon a dragon egg, his life as he knew it is changed forever. Eragon alongside his dragon journey all through the mountains, through the huge cities, and deep underground. This story is choke-full of magic, a sense of adventure, and the never-ending struggle between good and evil.

In a world filled with fear, doubt, politics, romance, and betrayal, Eragon must learn to harness the unpredictable powers and discoveries that lie in wait. If you are looking for a novel that will leave your reader hooked, then you cannot go wrong with this classic from Paolini.

Final Thoughts

Being a teen may seem easy but it is anything but a cakewalk. Apart from navigating the social minefield that is high school, as well as dealing with the constant pressure of academic performance, teen life is no walk in the park. That’s why sci-fi novels that provide a much-needed escape are so important.

The characters in most of these books are designed to help teens cope and prevent them from feeling isolated from adults that don’t necessarily get what they are going through. When the teen in your life could use a boost, the books in this list will serve as a reminder of just how strong they are.